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Aqua Sprinkler Systems has been installing and servicing lawn sprinkler systems in Lawrence Kansas now since 1996. 

We install and service with high quality Hunter parts and offer a two year warranty to our Automatic Service Customers at no extra charge.

Our Automatic Service customers receive special discounts and benefits. Click on the Special Offers tab for complete information. 


Startup/Backflow Testing - Includes turning on the water to your lawn sprinkler system, pressure checking the main line for leaks, and having the city required backflow test done by a certified technician. 

NOTE: Running and evaluating the systems performance is not part of the Backflow Testing service. You should run your system from the timer after we have turned the water on. If you would like a System Evaluation please schedule it after the water is on and the required backflow test has been done.

If you find that adjustments or repairs are needed or if you need help programming your timer please let us know. Price - $50.00 (plus $9.95 Backflow tracking fee)

Winterization - Includes hooking up a high volume air compressor to your system and blowing all of the water from the lines, heads, valves, and fittings. Freeze damage protection is guaranteed as long as the water to the system remains off until WE turn it back on in the spring. Price - $50 plus $4 per zone (slightly more for commercial & large residential Systems)
($10 discount for Automatic Service customers with Hunter SmartPort and emailed invoices)

System Evaluation with repairs and adjustments as needed - We will run the system and check each head for proper rotation and spray pattern. Any head that can not be adjusted due to faulty adjustment mechanism will be replaced. We will also check your timer and recommend proper settings for the desired watering needs. Price - $68 per hour (one hour minimum) plus any parts needed. NOTE: OUTSIDE AIR TEMPERATURE MUST BE GREATER THAN 60 DEGREES AND WIND SPEED MUST BE LESS THAN 10 MPH TO SCHEDULE THIS SERVICE.

General Repair Service - (leaks, broken heads, system modifications, etc.)  
Price - $68 per hour (one hour minimum) plus any parts needed.

All service calls are subject to a trip charge of $1.50 per mile (50% discount for Automatic Service customers).